Crater VFX Training Center is looking for organic modelling artist and texturing artist

Job Description

Crater VFX Training Center is seeking a Modeling and Texturing ‘s course lecturer/ lecturers to join our teaching team! The course is comprised of 3 parts, but we need lecturers for two of them – organic modeling and texturing.

We are looking for an organic modelling artist and a texturing artist, preferably both in one 🙂 or one for each teaching position, with a strong show reel and lecturing skills.

Company: Crater Studio

Location: Belgrade

Start Date: immediately


  • 5+ years of production experience.
  • Teaching experience is a beneficial but not necessary, otherwise must possess great communication skills especially when passing on knowledge to others.
  • Good knowledge of Autodesk Maya and advanced knowledge of Z-Brush, Mudbox or Mari is essential. Knowledge of all named above is preferred, but applicant will be accepted with knowledge of Maya and one of the above named.
  • Good organization skills.
  • Good written and oral English language communication skills.

Main Responsibilities

  • Teach groups of 4-10 students.
  • Work with the Director and Manager to develop a good curriculum for the Modeling and Texturing course.
  • Work with the Director and Manager to make lectures (plan and program, PowerPoint presentations, etc.).
  • Prepare presentation materials.
  • To guide groups of students not only throughout the course helping them to achieve wanted results, but during the week, be available to the students via email, Skype and phone for the duration of the course and several weeks after.
  • To be punctual and have a good record of attendance for classes.

Any questions?

If you have any questions write to us on:

Apply here:


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