Stevan M. Živković, a middle-aged man, an electrician working in a local TV station, one idyllic morning, while drinking coffee with his wife, hears the news of his own death on a programme of the television station where he works. In an effort to correct this error, Stevan wanders from one institution to another. The news of his death spread quickly across the small provincial town and the bereaved start coming to his house to express their condolences to his wife. Stevan finds it increasingly harder to prove to his acquaintances, neighbours and friends that he is still alive.

Directed by Vladimir Tagić
Written by Vladimir Tagić, Branko Brđanin
Produced by Tatjana Žeželj
Cinematography by Ivan Kostić
Film Editing by Vladimir Radovanović
Music by Marko Marić, Nenad Marić
Production Design by Jovana Grahovac
Art Direction by Nevena Prodanović
Costume by Milena Milenković, Sonja Mrkobrada
Sound Design by Nikola Medić
Sound recorded by Predrag Adamović

Cast: Slavko Štimac, Ljiljana Blagojević, Andrej Šepetkovski, Marko Baćović, Uroš Jakovljević, Mihailo Laptošević, Nataša Miljuš, Srboljub Milin, Zoran Tagić

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