Ozone (short movie)

After a couple of movies they cooperated on as DOP and Production Designer Branko Sujic and Mirko Milosevic decided to make their own movie. The project’s name is Ozone and it focuses on one of the all-time SF conundrums – the possibility of feelings in artificial life. Ozone is trying to dissect the nature of love in a world equally populated by humans and machines.

In a post-apocalyptic near future devastated by global nuclear war, Dastagir, one of the few survivors, fights to regain his lost love and rediscover his humanity. While he fights his way through the ruins of the old world, we start to understand the complicated nature of this simple love story.


Directed by – Branko Sujić

Production Design by – Mirko Milošević

Visual Effects Supervisor – Mirko Milošević

Written by – Slobodan Obradović, Branko Sujić

Original Music by – Ognjan Milošević

Cinematography by – Branko Sujić

Film Editing by – Dragan Von Petrovic

Costume Design by – Ivan Ivanović

Sound Design by – Vladimir Uspenski, Vladimir Živković

Special Effects by – Nenad Gajić, Miroslav Lakobrija

Lead Compositing Artist – Nikola Vučenović

Senoir FX Tehnical Director – Nikola Đorđić

Motion Graphics Artist – Miloš Milošević


Emanuela – Sofija Rajović
Dstagir – Petar Benčina
Conductor – Radoje Čupić
Help Line Operator – Camilla Mathias
George Fielding Eliot – Martin Cort
Radio Host – Clive Ward

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