Main Titles for the IFCC 2017 Concept Art Conference


Direction/Animation: Sava Živković ———————–
Music/Sound Design: Iz Svemira ————————–
Story: Sava Živković, Nebojša Jež, Milan NIkolić
Concept Art: Milan NIkolić———————————–
Character Artist: Mihailo Radošević ———————-
Vehicle Artist: Nenad Merzel ——————————-
Graphic Design: Nebojša Jež
Motion Capture: Take One ———————————-

Conference —————————————————-

Special Thanks to Sitni Sati and Allegorithimic

Tools: 3ds Max, Octane Render, Fume Fx, Substance Painter, Zbrush, Quixel Suite, Worldmachine, Adobe Suite

Making of:


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