How We Killed The Green Screen (Short film)

But, green screen is great tool, right? Not for one filmmaker.

Watch the story of why and how @MichaelPlescia tried to reinvent filmmaking, visual effects and co-found a company in order to make his feature film, The Mop Liberator, even a possibility.

See how the vision the story lead to the creation of a technology that allowed the filmmakers to photograph an imagined cyberpunk world in-camera without any post-production using ARwall, a visual effects compositing technology that combines new mixed-reality screens along with the oldest (and maybe best) trick in the filmmaking book!

This piece delves into the inception, development process, and shows production test footage of the first ever real-time, in-camera, real-light, real-lens, perspective-adapting, mixed-reality, rear-screen, compositing technique. No post-production. When the light hits the sensor. It’s a finished visual effects shot!

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