Josh Parks – Life as a VFX Artist – Unconventional Advice to Aspiring VFX Artist

Josh Parks is an experiences compositing artist working from DNEG to ILM and many other studios. He has shared his story and gave a few great advice how to progress in the VFX industry. Lets hear his story.





Josh runs a great website Compositing Pro, and releases frequent newsletter with great tips and advice.


In The Talk Josh Covers:

0:00 – What I’ve done so far in my career at Industrial Light and Magic, DNEG & MPC as a VFX compositor.
16:59 – Tips on increasing your odds of getting into the VFX industry.
24:37 – Starting small and working up to the big VFX companies.
27:19 – Don’t be a dick
27:45 – Get yourself a VFX mentor
29:09 – How luck can play a huge part in your life as a VFX artist and how to create your own luck.
30:34 – Embracing the unconventional life that being a VFX artist brings.
32:32 – Knowing when to copy and when to steal
35:05 – Work life balance as a VFX artist
37:10 – Q&A
Check Josh’s Compositing Showreel

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