Captain3D is an ordinary superhero 30cm high.
He doesn’t actually own a superpower but he has a big heart and when puts his super anaglyph glasses he sees the world in relief!
His main motivation : rescue nice ladies in danger!

You can read a cool Interview with a Director Victor Haegelin on Stop Motion Geek of how all this was made.

“In our interview, Haegelin discusses everything from his humble beginnings of discovering the medium of animation in the days of VHS-C to how he’s fashioned for himself an illustrious career as an animator and director, which spans tvcs for the likes of McDonald’sLego and RenaultBionade, and Christofle Paris, to music videos such as Wire and Flashing Lights for instrumental-EDM extraordinaire Professor Kliq to short films like the “pixelated” stop motion Le curieux dîner de Noël and stop motion/live action hybrid Captain 3D.”

Check the rest of the interview at a great Stop-Motion website STOP MOTION GEEK


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