Houdini evening with Bogdan Amidžić, Nikola Damjanov and Igor žanić

Proceduralism in Print
Nikola Damjanov

Nikola will share his daytime Houdini work and then his nighttime explorations in Houdini and how it is translated to print form (2D, 3D).

Don’t Over-complicate
Bogdan Amidžić and Igor Žanić

Bogdan and Igor will look at a complex FX shot and suggest simple approach to achieving the look. These tips not only encompass and affect what you do in Houdini (kitbashing FX, separate HDAs for trails and splashes, etc) but also your hardware resources because caches can be $$$  .


H19.5 SOP FLIP Fluids for Film/TV
Igor Žanić

Newly introduced SOP-based FLIP fluids in Houdini 19.5 allows for fast setups without having to exchange data between SOP and DOP networks. Over many Houdini releases, Igor Žanić has been an active and contributing force in helping to improve performance, stability and workflow of FLIP fluids. Having been part of this most recent H19.5 beta, Igor rigorously tested SOP-FLIP tools and workflow and will be demonstrating custom boundaries (FLIP Boundary SOP), and simplified examples of how to take low resolution simulations, partially upres and blend between the two.

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