3Lateral is looking for Character Rigger

3Lateral develops innovative technologies and has established position in gaming industry as a pioneer in digitizing human form and allowing actors and players to be immersed in virtual worlds where anything is possible. We have a long list of successful AAA projects behind us, all focused on high quality characters where major developers and publishers worldwide have assigned 3Lateral with a key role in setting the pipeline and executing projects such as: Marvel Spiderman, Electronic Arts Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield I, Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto IV and V together with many other titles.  In addition to digital humans, 3Lateral has expanded activities to high quality creatures and characters, muscle and tissue simulations, motion tracking and retargeting, 3D and 4D scanning of both body and face, electronics and scanning hardware development and many other areas of research but all focused to enhancing representations of life in digital medium.

If you are passionate for creating CG characters, familiar with Autodesk Maya and have good skin weight painting skills, you may consider joining our team at a position of

Character Rigger

(Junior/ Medior/ Senior)

Job description:

    • Design, create and develop character rig systems that enable animators the full range of motion
    • Create and develop custom rigging tools and scripts to streamline the process
    • Integrate rig in pipeline cycle and delivers the rig to the animators or clients
    • Efficiently collaborate with modeling department to meet the highest technical requirements and with production department to meet the timeline requirements


    • Familiar in working with the Autodesk Maya
    • Good skin weight painting skills
    • Python or Mel scripting
    • Basic knowledge of anatomy for bipeds, skeletons and muscles

It is important to be analytical and have an artistic skill, creativity and visual problem-solving skill, be focused on details in finishing of assets.

We offer vibrant and multidisciplinary atmosphere where, regardless of position, any team member can interact with people with different skill set and learn from other team members. Our partnership with Epic Games also provides a rich set of “special projects” where both companies are trying to push the boundaries of what is possible in interactive medium and impress the whole industry.

The job is in our cozy offices in Novi Sad in collaboratively and friendly working environment. We offer competitive compensation plan and 12 – months employment contract with the possibility of converting it to permanent employment.

If you are interested, please send both your CV and rigging reel until the 26th of October 2018 at office@3lateral.com


PAXTON EQUITY are looking for 3D ARTIST

PAXTON EQUITY  are looking for:  3D ARTIST

Job location: SERBIA

Sector: Aerospace/Defense

Roles and responsibilities: The responsibilities of the role include modeling objects in 3D so that they later filled in with texturing, modeling, animation, and to also generate the terrain as well.

Main roles will be:

  • Making 3D models by respecting the norms of the simulation as defined by the company.
  • The production of digital terrains for different simulation rendering engines: (VBS3, Vega-Prime, Unity…)

–     The design and / or participation in the production of serious games (or any equivalent program) for various industries
–     Support and technical assistance to the solutions used during integration with customers

Experience and qualifications:

Graduate of a Computer Engineering School or a University of Graphic Designer (Game Designer)

At least 5 experiments in a similar function desired

Tools and softwares knowledge:


Gimp (ou equivalent)

Substance Suite




*Global Mapper




(*prior knowledge not required but is a plus)

Knowledge and skills:

  • Polygonal 3D modeling (Blender, 3DSMax, Maya, or equivalent)
  • Knowledge of a real-time 3D engine (Unity, UnrealEngine4, or equivalent)
  • Creation and 2D editing (Gimp, Photoshop, or equivalent)
  • 2D or 3D texturing (Photoshop, Substance Painter, Quixel, or equivalent)
  • Scripting or even programming skills (Lua, C #, C ++, Tcl, or equivalent)
  • Possible familiarity with a simulation engine (VBS3 (or modding Arma 2/3), Vega-Prime, or equivalent)
  • Fluent English (spoken and written)
  • French would be a plus

Interpersonal skills :

  • Ability to work independently
  • Adaptability
  • Willingness to solve complex cases and find solutions
  • Rapid learning ability and affinity for new applied modeling tools
  • Dynamic
  • Curious and eager to learn
  • Team spirit
  • Listening to the customer’s needs
  • Knowing how to communicate and interact in an international environment (important)


You can send your CV to : jovana.maric@paxtonequity.com


EBB software is looking for Senior i Junior 3D Animators

EBB software is an indie studio from Belgrade, Serbia, currently developing the video game Scorn.

We’re looking for a Senior and Junior 3D Animators for a full-time job in our studio.

The right candidate for Senor 3D Animator should blend in with the team creatively, communicate back and forth with the rest of the team, be open to criticism and be able to meet targets on a daily basis.

Requierments for Senor 3D Animator :

– experienced character animator & rigger
– understanding of game production pipelines
– ability to organize and format information
– technical skills
– ability to multitask
– stays current on trends in animation
– working knowledge of Maya and Unreal Engine 4
– must have a reel

The preferable candidate for Junior 3D Animator will have a passion for horror video games, knowledge of the animation process and the will to learn and adapt alongside the rest of the team.

Requierments for Junior 3D Animator:
– be familiar with the 12 principles of animation
– basic knowledge of Maya
– stays current on trends in animation
– understanding of game production pipelines
– ability to multitask
– must have a reel

Send us your CV and reel link at jobs@scorn-game.com

Spring Onion Studio is looking for a Houdini FX Artist

Spring Onion Studio is looking for a Houdini FX Artist!

Position: Houdini FX Artist
Location : Belgrade
Full time position

We’re in search for the artist who is willing to use, learn and do simulations in Houdini software.
We are offering competitive salary, friendly atmosphere, work place in a open space office in the city centre.
You can send CV and portfolio to office@springonionstudio.com

Qube is looking for Minecraft Designer

Minecraft Designer


Location : Belgrade
full time position


As a designer you’ll have the opportunity to work with a team of talented and passionate gamers who are creating extraordinary worlds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.



-Create high quality skins for Minecraft characters and mobs (including geometry changes)

-Create completely new and innovative texture designs for Minecraft blocks and items for new maps/worlds
-You’ll be part of the product design team, collaborating with developers, world builders and game designers

-Create visual design mockups and marketing solutions for internal team

-Support development process to see design through to implementation


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The Harman Design Team is calling for talents from all around the world to redefine the future of entertainment


The Harman Design Team is calling for talents from all around the world to redefine the future
of entertainment. It is a growing multi-disciplinary and multi-national team with many
opportunities, involving Industrial & Graphic Design, User Interface & Experience Design,
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