Ever heard of the Anniversary Festival? For the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Edition Model, Hamburg creative agency LLR wanted to build the vehicle a monument. As a real workhorse. Directed by Juergen Nerger, Infected took over the complete production. The claim ‘Everybody parties, only one is driving’ was turned into a 69 second tribute to the car, created at a music-festival with 20.000 visitors, all shown in one excessive bullet time moment.

Director: Jürgen Nerger
DOP: Ian Foster
Steadycam operator: Peter Cavaciuti

Production Company: INFECTED Hamburg
Producer: Henning Westerwelle
Producer Shoot: Nicolas Mirbach
Producer Assistant: Daniel Farkas

VFX Producer: Henning Westerwelle
VFX Supervisor: Markus Gratl
Art Direction: André Ljosai
Editor: Markus Gratl
VFX Artist: Markus Gratl, Allegra David, Alexander von der Lippe, Daniel Brylka, Tjurn Timm, Dennis Tiedemann
3D Artists: Reinhard Preissner, Francesco Campobasso, Serkan Cesur, Ken Ismono, Fabian Schaper, Onni Pohl, Stefan Galleitner
Mattepainter: Simone de Salvatore
Color Grading: Paul Breuer @INFECTED

Music & Sounddesign: BLUT GmbH Hamburg
Mischung: Hannes Hönemann

Client: Mercedes Benz Vans
Mark Schreiber, Jan Grindmann, Katja Best

Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski
Executive Creative Director: Arno Lindemann
Creative Director: Philip Simon
Berater: Thorben Weide

Making of: Lukas Willasch

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