Interview: Stefan Jevremovic – Realtime Visual Effect artist

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your beginnings?

Hi, my name is Stefan Jevremovic, born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. I make Realtime Visual Effect for games.

I was always passionate about art and games. I started playing with LEGO when I was four and playing games on my Commodore 64 when I was six. My beginning was the same as a lot of other digital artists with Windows Paint, then Photoshop. I started self-teaching 3D computer graphics in 1998. mostly for fun. Back then there were no video tutorial and in fact not many tutorials at all. Many I found online had a lot of text and few screenshots, so I had to use a dictionary to translate them.
I also spent a lot of time playing video games. That was the reason I wasn’t improving much with 3D for some time. I was teaching myself 3D until 2006. when I enrolled to the Chiron School for VFX for movies in Belgrade. This time I was learning Autodesk Maya and the courses covered Modeling, Texturing, Rendering, Lighting, basic Rigging and Character Animation. When I finished the courses I had problem deciding on which area of 3D I want to focus and specialize in.
As soon as I finished the university for Business and Management I started getting work as Freelancer focusing on Hard-surface Modeling. Most of the work I got was the leftover project from a friend. After few project I became faster and better and I was working alongside that friend on cinematic trailers for World of Battleships and World of Warplanes.

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Spring Onion Studio is looking for a Houdini FX Artist

Spring Onion Studio is looking for a Houdini FX Artist!

Position: Houdini FX Artist
Location : Belgrade
Full time position

We’re in search for the artist who is willing to use, learn and do simulations in Houdini software.
We are offering competitive salary, friendly atmosphere, work place in a open space office in the city centre.
You can send CV and portfolio to

Master Class Andrew Lowell-a – Fundamentals of FX in Production

Crater VFX Training Center, Film In Serbia i VFX Serbia vas sa zadovoljstvom pozivaju na otvoreni Master Class Andrew Lowell-a – Fundamentals of FX in Production.

Naglasak predavanja je na jedinstvenoj ulozi koju efekti imaju na filmu i u drugim oblastima: prikupljanju referenci za prirodne fenomene, proceduralizmu / low level metodologiji softvera i pokretu kroz simulaciju. Vizuelni efekti testirani kroz vreme na filmu biće upoređeni sa savremenim procesom rada i digitalnim FX postavkama, uz kratka objašnjenja. Poslednji deo predavanja je namenjen odgovorima na pitanja iz publike, sa ciljem što boljeg povezivanja publike sa iskustvom predavača u ovoj oblasti.

VREME: 17h, 60 minuta
DATUM: 11. novembar 2017.
LOKACIJA: Fakultet dramskih umetnosti u Beogradu, pozorišna scena Mata Milošević

Predavanje je na engleskom jeziku.

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