Blomkampov šinjel

Neill Blomkamp je proteklih nekoliko meseci zaintrigirao pojednako filmofile kao i specijaliste za VFX pokretanjem svoje vankuverske producentske kuće Oats Studios u kojoj je počeo da proizvodi kratke filmove sa namerom da na bazi reakcija fanova tako profiliše svoje buduće celovečernje projekte. Blomkampovi kratki filmovi su vrlo brzo privukli veliku pažnju javnosti, ne samo kvalitetom već i inovativnim poslovnim modelom.

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Interview with Aleksandar Rodic

Aleksandar spent his early life in Belgrade where he studied electrical engineering and begun his career in computer graphics. Later on, he moved to United States to study visual effects and game development at Savannah College of Art and Design. Since then, he worked for companies such as EA Games, Pixar, LucasArts and Google where he developed some of the earliest applications using WebGL and WebVR technology. Most recently, he collaborated with Within on projects such as “Life of Us” and “Under Neon Lights” and he is currently helping them create a brand new musical VR experience for OK Go.



How did you get interested in the field of animation and gaming?
I think it started from early exposure to the medium combined with natural tendency for creative expression and intrigue towards intricate systems. In other words, I find computer graphics fascinating and fun!


Lucas Arts and Electronic Arts are the most famous games companies. What are the challenges of working in such companies?
While my day-to-day work is essentially a series of difficult challenges, I always felt that they make my job rewarding. When you do what you love, and you are fortunate to have great coworkers who love their work as much as you do, work comes easy. However, some companies (especially in the games industry) exploit this by making their employees work extremely long hours. They call this unhealthy practice “crunch time” and living a balanced life in those circumstances is next to impossible.


In which projects did you participate?
Pixar: “Cars 2”. EA Games: “MMA”, “NCAA” and “Dead Space 3”. LucasArts: “Star Wars 1313”. Google Data Arts: “Three Dreams of Black”, “Reflector”, “Unnumbered Sparks” and few others. Within: “Life of Us” and “Under Neon Lights”.

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Pripremna nastava za prve “Game Art & Animation” studije u regionu

20. januara 2018. počinje pripremna nastava za upis prve klase “Game Art & Animation” studenata na SAE Institutu u Beogradu.


SAE Institut u Beogradu od 2010. godine organizuje kurseve u oblasti audio produkcije, filmske produkcije, animacije i veb dizajna i programiranja. U maju sledeće godine počinje i nov dvogodišnji program obrazovanja “Game Art & Animation”, nakon koga polaznici stiču diplomu Midlseks univerziteta iz Londona.

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