Navdeep Singh – Character Animator, Project Lead, The Mill New York

Thank you so much Navdeep for this interview, we would like to start with you by telling us about yourself.

I am Navdeep Singh, and I have been working as an animator for past 6 years, with The Mill, New York. I worked on some of the finest projects like PETA – 98% Human, Norfolk Southern – the city of possibilities, talking chameleons from Valspar, facial animation for Muhammad Ali for  Porsche – Compete and many more. Lately, I have been a project lead for commercials with the talking box, for Progressive Insurance.

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Jackhammer Hit to the Head (film by Momir Milosevic)

Jealousy and mistrust come in place one night, when a woman decides to expose her aggressive self, leading to several ruined lives.


Woman – Milena Predic
Man – Dragan Micanovic
Friend – Bane Vidakovic
Kolumbija – Maja Jakovljevic
Carrot – Cristen Reading

Writer/Director/Editor: Momir Milosevic
Cinematographer: Vladimir Vladica Ilic
Produced by: Talib Alkhudairy, Vladimir Vasiljevic
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