Interview: Vladimir Mastilovic – 3lateral

VladimirMastilovic_loVladimir is founder and CEO of 3Lateral, a multidisciplinary company built around passion for creation of an appearance of life in digital medium. Vladimir’s focus in career are high fidelity digital humans starting from capture systems (3D and 4D scanning, appearance capture) to modelling and articulation systems to data bases, statistical modelling and engine integration. 3Lateral has received several prestigious awards including Most Innovative Entrepreneur by EY (2014) and Best Real Time Graphics and Interactivity (SIGGRAPH 2016, as part of team of companies Epic Games, Ninja Theory, Cubic Motion and 3Lateral). Portfolio of his company includes many AAA game titles including Grand Theft Auto IV and V, Red Dead Redemption, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Star Citizen, Until Dawn, Battlefield 1 and The Order:1886. We had an opportunity to hear about the 3Lateral’s “behind the scenes” works at CGA Belgrade conference, where Vladimir exclusively premiered some of their fresh developments.

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EBB software is looking for Senior i Junior 3D Animators

EBB software is an indie studio from Belgrade, Serbia, currently developing the video game Scorn.

We’re looking for a Senior and Junior 3D Animators for a full-time job in our studio.

The right candidate for Senor 3D Animator should blend in with the team creatively, communicate back and forth with the rest of the team, be open to criticism and be able to meet targets on a daily basis.

Requierments for Senor 3D Animator :

– experienced character animator & rigger
– understanding of game production pipelines
– ability to organize and format information
– technical skills
– ability to multitask
– stays current on trends in animation
– working knowledge of Maya and Unreal Engine 4
– must have a reel

The preferable candidate for Junior 3D Animator will have a passion for horror video games, knowledge of the animation process and the will to learn and adapt alongside the rest of the team.

Requierments for Junior 3D Animator:
– be familiar with the 12 principles of animation
– basic knowledge of Maya
– stays current on trends in animation
– understanding of game production pipelines
– ability to multitask
– must have a reel

Send us your CV and reel link at

Interview: Stefan Jevremovic – Realtime Visual Effect artist

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your beginnings?

Hi, my name is Stefan Jevremovic, born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. I make Realtime Visual Effect for games.

I was always passionate about art and games. I started playing with LEGO when I was four and playing games on my Commodore 64 when I was six. My beginning was the same as a lot of other digital artists with Windows Paint, then Photoshop. I started self-teaching 3D computer graphics in 1998. mostly for fun. Back then there were no video tutorial and in fact not many tutorials at all. Many I found online had a lot of text and few screenshots, so I had to use a dictionary to translate them.
I also spent a lot of time playing video games. That was the reason I wasn’t improving much with 3D for some time. I was teaching myself 3D until 2006. when I enrolled to the Chiron School for VFX for movies in Belgrade. This time I was learning Autodesk Maya and the courses covered Modeling, Texturing, Rendering, Lighting, basic Rigging and Character Animation. When I finished the courses I had problem deciding on which area of 3D I want to focus and specialize in.
As soon as I finished the university for Business and Management I started getting work as Freelancer focusing on Hard-surface Modeling. Most of the work I got was the leftover project from a friend. After few project I became faster and better and I was working alongside that friend on cinematic trailers for World of Battleships and World of Warplanes. Continue reading