Završen prvi GameTalks događaj: veliko interesovanje gejming zajednice

Kreativna monetizacija u video-igrama, prvi u nizu GameTalks događaja u organizaciji Eipix Academy osmišljenih sa ciljem razmene znanja i iskustava, uspešno je održan juče, 20. juna. Ovaj susret gejmerske zajednice održan je u prostorijama kompanije Eipix Entertainment, a obeležio ga je zavidan odziv, kako profesionalaca iz industrije video-igara, tako i gejming entuzijasta.

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Interview with the team behind IFCC 2017 Main Titles

We|me:do  is a group of friends from Belgrade, Serbia who had gathered in order to have fun, explore and create amazing things. Until now they have worked on projects: Twitch: LoadoutY-U-G-OIFCC 2017 Main TitlesICONS. Let’s find out more about them…


At the beginning, we want to commend your works that look really impressive. For these works, there is a small but selected team. Tell us more about yourself and how it all got started?

Sava: First off thank you for the kind words! Well for a couple of us it all started way back in school. Nenad, Mihailo and myself studied interior and furniture design at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, but we quickly fell in love with 3D. We met Milan, Kristina and IzSvemira (NebojsaJez) later on in our freelancing days. At the start of my career I did a lot of architectural visualization and motion graphics but always wanted to make short films, which we finally got around to doing with our IFCC project.

Milan Nikolic (concept art), Kristina Antic (motion capture,) Nenad Merzel (vehicle artist), Nebojsa Jez/Iz Svemira (music/sound design, graphic design), Marko Bibuljica (motion capture,) Sava Zivkovic (direction/animation), Mihailo Radosevic (character artist)

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Oats Studios – Volume 1 – Rakka by Neill Blomkamp (short movie)


RAKKA is the story of broken humanity following the invasion of a technologically superior alien species. Bleak harrowing and unrelenting, the humans we meet must find enough courage to go on fighting.

The free 22 minute film can be streamed for free over on Steam, but assets for the film can also be purchased for $4.99. This pack includes a downloadable version of the film with a 5.1 surround sound mix, as well as concept art, scripts and 3D models.

ICONS by we|me:do

ICONS is another personal exploration in the world of architecture and title design. Created as an opening titles to a fictional documentary, the aim of this piece is to pay homage to some of the biggest names in architecture, whilst providing a training ground to our everlasting audio/visual collaboration.
Direction/Animation – Sava Zivkovic
Music/Sound Design – Iz Svemira
|Tools: 3ds Max, Octane Render, Adobe Suite, World Machine|

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