VFXSerbia logo animation by Marko Mrvic

Marko is a Motion Designer which great work we had an opportunity to see several times on VFXSerbia.com.
This time, Marko brings us VFXSerbia logo animations that were played at CGA conference.

VFXSerbia is here to promote the VFX community, and community support is what makes us stronger.

Big THANKS to Marko and our community.


More work from Marko Mrvic can be found on Behance and Vimeo


Interview: Vitaly Kobyashev – Foundry


Vitaly is often a guest in Belgrade.

As a Regional Sales Manager from Foundry, we were, obviously, curious about him. We’ve asked him about his experiences visiting Serbia and the latest Foundry’s developments.


What is Elara?

Elara is a cloud-based service for post production that gives an edge to independent professionals and small to medium-sized studios. Offering a cloud service gives users the freedom to spin up a virtual studio with a global team, central pipeline and resources with just a few clicks, and without having to worry about high capital expenditure and management complexity. You don’t need any expensive infrastructure locally, as even a basic laptop will provide the same experience of using a powerful workstation.

Elara centralises infrastructure, creative tools and pipeline in the cloud, giving users fast and flexible access to Foundry and third-party applications, integrated cloud rendering, scalable storage and compute all in one place.

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Master Class Andrew Lowell-a – Fundamentals of FX in Production

Crater VFX Training Center, Film In Serbia i VFX Serbia vas sa zadovoljstvom pozivaju na otvoreni Master Class Andrew Lowell-a – Fundamentals of FX in Production.

Naglasak predavanja je na jedinstvenoj ulozi koju efekti imaju na filmu i u drugim oblastima: prikupljanju referenci za prirodne fenomene, proceduralizmu / low level metodologiji softvera i pokretu kroz simulaciju. Vizuelni efekti testirani kroz vreme na filmu biće upoređeni sa savremenim procesom rada i digitalnim FX postavkama, uz kratka objašnjenja. Poslednji deo predavanja je namenjen odgovorima na pitanja iz publike, sa ciljem što boljeg povezivanja publike sa iskustvom predavača u ovoj oblasti.

VREME: 17h, 60 minuta
DATUM: 11. novembar 2017.
LOKACIJA: Fakultet dramskih umetnosti u Beogradu, pozorišna scena Mata Milošević

Predavanje je na engleskom jeziku.

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