The Future of Visual Effects

The future of visual effects in films, TV, and VR; from crossing the uncanny valley in human animation, to light-field camera technology that will change the way moving images are captured.


Valerian – Holivud van Holivuda

Jean-Claude Mezieres je 1983. godine napravio ilustraciju za francuski magazin Pilote na kojoj su se Luke Skywalker i Leia iz Star Warsa sreli sa Valerianom i Laureline iz njegovog stripa u baru, okruženi vanzemaljcima koji podsećaju na bića iz oba serijala. Leia ih pozdravlja rečenicom, “Drago mi je što vas vidim!” a Laureline joj odgovara, “Dugo smo mi ovde”. Continue reading

Those just cons…

Those just considering visual effects industry as a career, save yourself. Go into something with a future. Visual effects are being used more than they ever have (every film from hollywood uses vfx and most independents) and the technical and creative challenges are increasing but the business aspects and control of the industry have turned the love of what we do into a mess. It certainly pains me to write this as someone who has been doing this a long time. Visual effects companies are collapsing while others fiddle.

Effects Corner, Scott Squiers