Animation – Artistic and technical approach by Kostadin Martic

Everything that is needed from artistic and technical knowledge in order to do the animation professionally and with teamwork sense. Lecture held by Kostadin Martić, co-founder of Spring Onion Studio and Animation Lead, in VFX Crater Training Center during CGA Warm-up . The video is really dynamic and worth watching!


Maiden Swifter than Horses (Animated Short)

Go Hektik Studio designed a  2D animation short that tells a universal story of ideal beauty. The film is going to be submitted to different regional and European animation festivals. This grand adventure about a pursuit of beauty is based on the old Serbian national tale. However, it is not illustrated with national characteristics as expected from this type of animated short film, but in a very poetic fairytale-style. Maiden Swifter than Horses was preserved from oblivion almost two centuries ago by Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic.

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Ženo, eve me doma/Honey, I’am Home (short animated film) by SAF(School of animated film) Vranje


Who are we, where are we, where do we go? Man’s subjective feeling about what is happening to him on his way home, often differs in other person’s perception, in this case his wife. The film describes his journey which is happening to all of us. Film’s simple visual identity, which is very raw at some moments, along with sound and effects which absolutely follow the picture in presentation manner, influence that this drama from our hero’s life is real and not caricatured. Honey, I’am home could easily be continued because real drama in every man’s life is created, still, by his partner. We could just imagine what her answer was…


Ko smo, gde smo, kuda idemo? Subjektivan osećaj čoveka o tome šta mu sve dešava u povratku svom domu, veoma često se razlikuje od percepcije druge osobe, u ovom slučaju njegove žene. Film govori o tom putovanju koje se svima nama dešava. Jednostavan vizualni identitet filma, koji je na momente veoma sirov, uz ton i efekte koji apsolutno prate sliku u načinu prezentacije utiču da cela ova drama iz života našeg junaka bude realna a ne iskarikirana. Honey, I am home može veoma lako da ima nastavak jer pravu dramu u životu svakog muškarca, ipak, stvara njegova partnerka. A možemo naslutiti šta mu je ona odgovorila…


Interview: Gavrilo Gnatović, animation director

  • What school/college did you attend and what inspired you to pursue traditional animation?

I attended Boston University School of Fine Arts, and received a BFA in Painting in 1979.  I recently received my Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Savannah College of Art and Design under the guidance of two wonderful and very talented Serbian artists, Natalija Mijatović and Blazo Kovačević.

However, my desire to pursue animation stemmed from the simple necessity to find a job and perhaps tell a story or two.   I could avoid the conceptual art world of the time, and draw the figure in motion, something that I was just learning to do.  I can be a “serious” artist, but it is a lot more compelling to me to be able to be a funny artist, and animation can live comfortably in both worlds.

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Animanima – Međunardoni festival animacije

Od 10. do 13. septembra u Čačku je održan deveti po redu međunarodni festival animacije Animanima. Ove godine je četrdeset filmova iz dvadeset zemalja učestvovalo u takmičarskom programu. Pored filmova iz takmičarskog dela, festivalski programi su bili okrenuti filmovima iz Centralne Evrope, filmske škole Lođ, a najmlađi i njihovi roditelji mogli su da se zabavaljaju uz Profesora Baltazara.

Pored projekcija, program festivala je obuhvatio radionice i predavanja.

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