Morning delight by Dusan Kovic


This is a personal project of Dusan Kovic. Task of project was to create a photo-realistic render from assets which can later be imported into Unity game engine and rendered with Rove.




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Rendering / Ray Tracing Course by Two Minutes Papers

This course aims to give an overview of basic and state-of-the-art methods of rendering. Offline methods such as ray and path tracing, photon mapping and many other algorithms are introduced and various refinement are explained.

The basics of the involved physics, such as geometric optics, surface and media interaction with light and camera models are outlined.
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Interview with Djordje Ilic

  1. Please, tell us something about you.

My background is art. I finished the School of Art: ”Bogdan Suput” in Novi Sad. In the meantime, I discovered the unbelievable 3d world and I started to learn by myself. The first thing that I learned was modeling. I literally modeled everything that I saw around me, from apples to characters. After modeling, I started to learn other parts of the production. Since I wanted to upgrade my skills, I enrolled in School of Visual effects ”Chiron” in Belgrade. I was lucky enough that my mentor of animation was Kostadin Martic, which will later turn out to be my first employer at Spring Onion.

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Videobolt – easy access motion graphic templates

Describe the company…
Videobolt is a curated motion-graphic design marketplace and online video editor created to help you take creative control over the video you’re buying without any other software or previous knowledge, saving you lots of time and money. For video authors this means a much wider, non-expert audience hungry for video. Continue reading

Svetlo u vizuelnoj umetnosti

Svetlo je osnova vizuelne umetnosti i vrlo bitna karika u građenju kompozicije, ali I izazivanju emocije kod posmatrača. Svetlo nije teško razumeti ali sa druge strane je nešto što svakodnevno uzimamo zdravo za gotovo te samim tim ne razmišljamo puno o njemu.

Onog trenutka kad počnemo aktivno da razmišljamo o njegovim uticajima shvatićemo koliko kompleksno svetlo može biti.

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