Download GeoTracker Beta v5.2 for NUKE

GeoTracker is a Nuke plugin for model-based single view object and camera tracking.

Main Features

-Accurate tracking of rigid objects.
-Easy to use. Only important user-dependent parameters are shown in the UI while a lot of hidden parameters are intelligently calculated internally.
-Fast. GeoTracker was developed while working on a film that required a lot of match moving. The crucial task was to speed up the tracking process as much as possible. We believe that GeoTracker significantly reduces the amount of “manual labor”.
-GeoTracker makes it possible to create and adjust tracking information right inside The Foundry Nuke. It can shorten your workflow significantly. You don’t need to switch between applications and perform export/import when some inaccuracies are detected.
-Native. It’s created using all strengths and possibilities of The Foundry Nuke API.
-It’s just a beginning. When using GeoTracker, please keep in mind that it’s only a beta version
What’s New in Beta v5.0
-Changed node type: GeoTracker is geo node now. GeoTracker’s output can be used directly and results can be viewed in 3D in the native way.
-Default camera: connecting default camera node is no longer reqired for tracking, positioning, e.t.c. Now an internal default camera, which can be easily exported, is used.
-Minor interface changes and performance improvements.

Download here:
Demo materials:

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