Spring Onion Studio Cinematic Reel 2022

Spring Onion Studio Cinematic Reel 2022 from Spring Onion Studio on Vimeo.

Spring Onion Studio is a Belgrade-based studio founded in 2008 specializing in creative production, 3D Animation and full CGI for game trailers and commercials. The driving force behind the Spring Onion Studio is the passion for problem-solving to produce exceptional work and bring in a new perspective to a client’s project. Spring Onion Studio’s main features are constant communication and feedback, collaboration and teamwork, technical preparation, and work optimization. The art quality is vital to them, and long brainstorming sessions where they develop technical and creative solutions are the essence of their approach. Artists from Spring Onion Studio maintain technical excellence by constantly improving their pipeline, finding solutions to speed up the process while respecting the artistic expectations and nurturing the originality in the approach. They are always focusing on new challenges in the creative process. Their mission is to contribute to artwork production and develop new partnerships that will have a long-lasting impact in the creative and entertainment world.

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