Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Virtual Reality

As a lecturer at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš, Serbia (program Electronics/Multimedia technologies), I have thought my students a variety of skills, including adapting the scenes for VR. This is the example of our latest project, a VR scene that I had been doing with my students Nemanja Praščević and Marko Milinković. Our faculty is very big, around 22000m2. Building without foliage contains 374190 faces made in Autodesk Maya and everything else was done in Unreal 4 game engine. FPS is above 90, everything is baked. Real time lights are only in long corridors where you can turn them on/off. Mesh was separated for level streaming, but in the end there was no need for that because GTX 980 handled it very well.

Scene shots:





HTC Vive scene presentation (Serbian language), where you can see VR usage. Scene interaction (teleportation, lights, doors) added via Vive controllers. Till now we have worked with Oculus DK2 until Startit center lent us Vive, now we got our own.

We have also done virtual presentation for students at our faculty, big space ideal for Room scale movement:

Also we had very some important guests from the Government of the Republic of Serbia. We have explained to them what virtual reality is through our VR scene and the power of real-time graphics with Unreal game engine. Impressions were beyond expected.



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