Hugo Guerra – Rival Kingdom’s compositing – Deconstructs

“In the video, I breakdown some of the compositing I did in the latest Game Cinematic Trailer for the game Rival Kingdom. I was the overall VFX Supervisor in this project made for Fire Without Smoke.
This is not a Tutorial per say, more like a tips & tricks video about advance CG compositing using Nuke. In this part 1, I go over the rebuilding of the CG shader using Nuke’s robust EXR pipeline.” – Hugo Guerra

“In this part 2, I go over use of 2D elements with the help of Nuke’s 3D system and Position passes and we talk a bit about ZDepth and Defocusing in a realistic way.” – Hugo Guerra


In this part 3, I go over using Depth to make Fog and go over the creative colour correction of the multi pass CG.

In this part 4, I finish the shot with some creative colour correction and a few lens tweaks.

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