The Children Of The Woods – Official Teaser #01

In order to survive, where would your allegiance lie?
That’s the question we asked the audience if they found themselves in a world divided by quest for survival, war, hunger and beliefs.
Would they join ‘The Hunters’ and seek salvation through technology and science, or would they rather be one of ‘The Children Of The Woods’ and worship the Old (Slavic) Gods? That is also the question our two main characters are dealing with.

The teaser we premiered yesterday shows the entrance to the Arena.
The Arena is located in one of the Facilities built by the Hunters.
In the distance, you can also see the Oak tree, which is very important to the Children,
being held captive and extracted through a glass tube.
Those are some key elements and places in the future plot development.

The teaser itself is more symbolic, rather then self-explanatory.
We hope for that to change in our future videos, yet to come.

Slavic God Veles by Saša Ristić Kriger

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